Collaboration with IMO:

Collaboration between the Regional Organization for the Conservation of Environment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden(PERSGA) and the International Maritime Organization(IMO) is long lasting and has resulted in several fruitful outputs for protection of the marine environment in the very highly bio-divers and strategic shipping rout environment of the Red Sea and Gulf   of Aden. An important joint achievement was the separation schemes for ship traffic in the narrow areas of the Gulf of Aden and southern Red Sea. Right from the beginning when EMARSGA was inaugurated the IMO demonstrated substantial support to the Centre. EMARSGA has in turn been very actively cooperative with IMO in several initiatives concerning   protection of the marine environment in the red sea and Gulf of Aden...

PERSGA is an active partner in the Globalist Partnership Project that includes 13 lead partner countries from five regional seas; three countries out of the thirteenare from PERSGA region. Head of EMARSGA technical Support Committee is theregional coordinator of the Project. The Regional Workshop on Baseline Survey Methods in Ports carried out at EMARSGA Hurghada Egypt in May 2007 was one of the earliest activities of the Project. EMARSGA has also contributed to the Regional Training Workshop on Ballast Water Management organized in Aden Yemen in November 2008. Upcoming activities of the project include a regional workshop on the Legal Aspects of Ballast Water Management to be carried out in EMARSGA and national training workshops on Ballast Water Management that will be delivered in Arabic language, in the member states.

In March 2008 PERSGA and IMO signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding the implementation of regional Technical Cooperation Program activities dealing with marine pollution prevention and response for the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. The strategic objective of the MoU to PERSGA is to enhance the Technical Capacity of EMARSGA and its technical support capabilities to Member States. Activities implemented in the 2008 –  2009 biennium include Regional Training Workshops on BallastWaterManagement (organized  in Aden Yemen in November 2008), (i) a Training Workshop on Sensitivity Mapping  in Response to Oil Pollution, (carried out atEMARSGA in Hurghada Egypt in May  2009) (ii) technical visit to Yemen conducted in July 12th 2009 (ii)  a Regional Workshop on Special Area Requirements of the Red Sea and Gulf of  Aden under MARPOL (to be carried out in EMARSGA Hurghada Egypt during the period  October 19th – 21st 2009) and (iv) a National Contingency  Planning Workshop IMO level 2 (to be carried out in December 2009 in Djibouti) 





Emergency Mutual Aid Center in the Red sea and Gulf of Aden