The main objectives of the Center are to:
Strengthen the capacities of Member States and facilitate cooperation  among them in order to timely and effectively combat pollution by oil and other  harmful substances in the case of marine emergencies
Assist Member States in developing their own national capabilities to  combat pollution by oil and other harmful substances and coordinate and  facilitate information exchange, technological cooperation and training..

The main Functions of the Center are to:
(i)  collect and disseminate to Member States information concerning matters such  as:
• laws, regulations and information concerning appropriate authorities of the Member States and Marine Emergency Contingency Plans.
• information available to the Member States concerning methods, techniques and research relating to marine emergency responses.
• inventories of experts, equipment and materials available for marine emergency responses by the Member States
(ii) assist Member States, as requested, in:
• preparation of relevant laws and regulations.
• preparation of marine emergency contingency plans.
• establishment of procedures under which personnel, equipment and materials involved in marine emergency responses may be expeditiously transported into, out of, and through the territories of the Member States.
• facilitating exchange of reports concerning marine emergencies between the Contracting Parties
• promotion and development of training programs for combating pollution.
(iii) coordinate  training programs for combating pollution and prepare comprehensive  anti-pollution  manuals.
(iv) develop and  maintain a communication/information system appropriate to the needs of the   Member States  and the Center for the prompt exchange of information concerning marine emergencies.
(v)  prepare  inventories of available personnel, materials, vessels, aircraft, and other  specialized equipment for marine emergency responses.
(vi) establish and maintain liaison with competent  regional and international organizations for the  purposes of obtaining and  exchanging scientific and   technological information and data, particularly with  regard to any new technology which may assist the Center in the performance of its functions.

Emergency Mutual Aid Center in the Red sea and Gulf of Aden